how to make whipped cream

How to Make Whipped Cream

Making Whipped Cream With A Whisk

The method that we will be discussing to make whipping cream from scratch will be using nothing but a whisk and a bowl. I love this method and consider it to be my favourite for a couple of reasons; the whipped cream that will be made using this method will be more consistent and have the right form as well as shape. It is satisfying to create, as this method does require some more work from your arms, but at the same time, there is something incredibly satisfying about making whipped cream from your own hands, as opposed to a mixer. This method will also avoid over-whipping the cream, as the process is gradual, and you have the joy of seeing the whipped cream forming with every stir of the whisk.

To begin, start by gathering your large bowl, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, and whisk; pour the whipping cream into your large bowl and add in your sugar. It is important to note here as well that you will want to use granulated sugar as opposed to confectioners sugar, as it will be far less grainy due to the absence of cornstarch that confectioners sugar has, and will incorporate much better. After you have added the whipping cream and sugar, you can now add additional flavours such as vanilla, almond, or maple. (Or anything that you want, really.)

When you first begin to whisk, the heavy cream will begin to form large bubbles on top; this is normal, and nothing to be concerned over. These bubbles will begin to dissipate over the next few minutes of whisking, and you will start to see the cream thicken. At this point, even though it is starting to thicken up, it will still be too runny to be considered whipped cream. Another minute or 90 seconds of whisking, and once it has reached soft peaks then you know that it is perfect. If you would like to do some double-checking to make sure that it is ready, lift the whisk straight out of the bowl, flip it over, and if the whipped cream cascades to the side without dripping, then it is perfect.

Making Whipped Cream With A Hand Rotary Beater

This method will include the same steps as listed above, but the mixer will do the work in place of your arm and whisk. Granulated sugar can be used for this method as well, as it will dissolve just the same as when using a hand whisk. You may be wondering why you would use the hand whisking method instead of using a hand mixer, and the reason being is that the whipped cream you make will not be as uniform or have great consistency when using a hand mixer.

You may also notice that when using a hand mixer, the top of the cream will appear to be done with soft peaks while the underneath is more liquid in consistency. To avoid this, you will want to mix using a low speed throughout the mixing process.

Making Whipped Cream Using a Stand Mixer

This is the ideal method only if you are planning on making large quantities of whipped cream at a time. The major downside to stand mixers and another reason why they are not ideal for making whipped cream is that the whisk attachment does not reach the bottom of the bowl, which is necessary when making whipped cream, as you will want to scrape the bottom from time to time. That brings us to why you will want to use confectioners sugar with this method, as granulated sugar will sit at the bottom of the bowl, not dissolving.

Making Whipped Cream Using a Stand Mixer

Making Whipped Cream Using A Jar

You may remember from your youth in school making butter from a mason jar by shaking the heavy cream that is held within the jar. This will transform the heavy cream, leaving you with both buttermilk and butter. That is the same principle here, but we will stop shaking the mason jar before we reach the butter stage.

To begin, start by filling the jar no more than halfway with whipping cream, and add your sugar and vanilla. Taking special care not to over-process, shake the jar for a couple of minutes until it starts to thicken, turning into whipped cream. This can be a fun way for kids to see how whipped cream is made and help out in the kitchen, but is quite the workout for your arms and not the best method for every time you are needing whipped cream.

Making Whipped Cream With A Whipped Cream Dispenser & Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers

This is probably the easiest way to make whipped cream. You can whip cream almost instantly with a cream whipper dispenser using nitrous oxide cream charger canisters. This way also produces very fluffy whipped cream. This is the technique many cake bakers, restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops use when they are making whipped cream. This is because it is very fast and produces consistently high quality whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Dispenser

To make whipped cream using this method, just put the cream and any other ingredients (such as sugar and flavouring) into the whipped cream dispenser and then insert the nitrous oxide cream charger bulb and screw it down until you hear the nitrous gas come out into the dispenser. Then shake the dispenser and turn it upside down (so the nozzle is pointing down) and press the trigger. Fluffy whipped cream will be produced.


And it is as simple as that! Using any of the methods listed above, you will be able to have delicious whipped cream that was made in your home, and your family will love it.

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